Commissioning a Painting

Photo by   Juan F. Bastos

Photo by Juan F. Bastos

Commissioning a painting directly from an artist might seem at first rather an intimidating idea. However, after working directly with my clients for twenty-five years I can assure you that it's actually an extremely enjoyable and rewarding process for everyone involved.  

Engaging a painter to create something that's extremely personal and custom-made might be something that you only do once or twice in a lifetime.  My paintings are often gifted as birthday presents or anniversary gifts, and they are usually treated as future heirlooms by the families that own them.  I've always taken that responsibility very seriously.  Each of my paintings represents thousands of hours of work in the studio.  I give every one of my commissions my total attention as I work on them consecutively.  My paintings are labours of love as you'll see if you study the meticulous details.  I'm reliably informed that no other artist is creating paintings of this type anywhere else in the world, so the work I create is completely unique. 

My aim is to create a body of work of the highest possible standard and the majority of my commissions have arisen through referral.  I create on average only two or three major landscapes paintings per year.  I usually make my own custom-made frames because I care very much how my paintings are presented and I feel that making my own gessoed, gilded and ebonised frames is the best way to ensure their longevity.

My paintings are unashamedly sentimental.  They are biographical portraits that joyfully record homes, gardens, and the lives lived in them.  

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How to commission a painting 

After exchanging emails and/or speaking on the phone with a client I usually ask to see a few photographs and a simple plan of the property so that I can calculate a price for the painting and give an estimate as to how long it will take me to complete it.  My standard size is 42" x 30" (50" x 38" framed).  Because my paintings are incredibly detailed I find the overall effect is more successful if the maximum size of the painting is five feet in length or height.  However, I have painted landscapes much larger than this. The largest of my landscapes was seven feet in length.

Once a decision has been made to go ahead, I present an invoice for half the price of the painting and I arrange to visit the property.  During this visit I listen to everything the client has to say about the reasons they would like a painting.  I absorb as much information as I can so that I can use biographical details in the final picture.  Usually more than one sketching visit is necessary, although if the property is overseas I spend two or three days collecting all the information I need.  I then return to the studio where I create a detailed compositional drawing so that the client can see exactly how the painting will appear in oils. When all parties agree on the composition I proceed to create the final painting.  I send frequent photographic updates from the studio via email to make sure there are no surprises. The invoice for the remainder of the cost of the painting is presented upon delivery.


Pricing depends on the size of the property and the extent of the estate depicted. 

Please email: for a quotation. 

Copyright Statement

As an independent artist Jonathan Myles-Lea owns the copyright to all his work. This includes every image on this website and all his paintings, drawings and photographs. Copyright protection in the UK and USA is automatic and there is no registration system. Copyright is a form of intellectual property and, like physical property, can be bought and sold, inherited or otherwise transferred. Copyright in a artistic work (including a photograph) lasts until 70 years after the death of the artist.